LandSat Images with rectified height data





In our Price List you will find a number of DVDs containing calibrated LandSat images (resolution: 14.5 meters/pixel), together with corresponding rectified height data, of European, Africa and America States, to be used with CompeGPS and OziExplorer.




Price List also contains calibrated LandSat scenes of well-known Italian and non-Italian geographical areas ready to be used with OziExplorer/CE, Fugawi, TTQV, CompeGPS, PathAway, SmartCom Navigator, etc. Some calibrated LandSat scenes refer to the same geographical areas covered by Kompass and Nauticard International marine maps. On the shelf scenes, so as customised images below, are especially useful if you want to use LandSat images with your PDA or smartphone, due to their smaller size.


Other information is available in Italian here and here.




You can also preview and purchase single LandSat images (instead of all the images in a DVD) - with or without related rectified height data - by using our GeoCart. After purchasing, you will download them from our web site.




If you do not find your area of interest among our on the shelf LandSat scenes, you can ask us for customised calibrated images to be used (for example) with the following products:


v   PathAway (for PDA-GPS running Palm OS and Windows Mobile),

v   SmartCom Navigator (for Symbian smartphones)

v   PowerNavigation (for Symbian smartphones)

v   OziExplorer / CE

v   Fugawi,

v   TTQV,

v   CompeGPS,

v   Others (on request)


To choose your area of interest please just give us the coordinates of the center of the area (or the name of the place, if it is easily identified) and the two lengths of the rectangle including the center (as in the figure here below).




If you use Google Earth, you only need to mark the center of your area of interest (Add -> Placemark command) and e-mail to (File -> Email… command).


We also need to know your preferred format (PathAway, OziExplorer/CE, TTQV, Fugawi, CompeGPS, others).


The cost of the service is as follows:


Area of 625 square kilometers or less (lengths 25x25 km or 30x20 km): 18,95 euro, all included.

Area of 1250 square kilometers or less (lengths 50x25 km or 40x30 km): 26,95 euro, all included.

Area of 2500 square kilometers or less (lengths 50x50 km or 60X40 km): 31,95 euro, all included.


To send your request please contact us. The service is subject to technical verification.






Figure 1.  LandSat image of  Gran Sasso d' Italia (calibrated bitmap image, about 15 Mbytes,

width 104.35 x height 61.6 cm, geographical area of  about 40 km x 19 Km)



Figure 2. Campotosto lake (see top-left of figure 1) as seen in the calibrated LandSat  image

zoomed at 100%.


Figure 3 - Gran Sasso: 3D view