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Camino de Santiago de Compostela V2.1



Vector and raster GPS maps for Garmin and TwoNav Aventura GPS and for CompeGPS/TwoNav and OziExplorer on PC and PDA


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vector map for Garmin





The Santiago de Compostela map is the result of complex cartographic elaborations of public data, originally produced at a scale not suitable for GPS navigation. As a consequence, this map should be only used to get a rough idea on the surrounding  territory.



What’s new in Version 2.1


As the preceding version, Version 2.1 includes a vector gps map that can be used with most Garmin GPS units but, also, a raster map to be used with some Garmin units (eTrex 20-30, series GPS MAP 62, Montana Oregon, Colorado, Dakota and Edge 800).


The raster map can also be installed in TwoNav Aventura GPS or used on PC with CompeGPS, OziExplorer and other GPS software, on request. As a consequence, the raster map can be transferred to many PDA devices running TwoNav or OziExplorerCE.


Height data are also provided, in order to get 3D views using the above mentioned software. It is also provided a GPS route connecting the main villages along the itinerary.


The raster map is composed of seven tiles named Q1..Q7. Each tile can be viewed at a scale of around 1:50.000. Using CompeGPS you can also load more tiles at the same time.


The tiles areas are shown in the following figure (click here to download the PDF):



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Santiago de Compostela coverage


Santiago de Compostela covers the area concerned by the itinerary Camino de Santiago de Compostela, from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port in France to Santiago De Compostela in Spain:


It is also provided a GPS route connecting the main villages along the itinerary,  thus allowing the user to know the direction and the distance to the next points. The route is delivered in MapSource, GPX and RTE formats.


Here are some images of the raster map tiles, loaded into CompeGPS and OziExplorer:


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Here are some images of the raster map tiles, loaded into Garmin GPS units:


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Santiago de Compostela characteristics


Santiago de Compostela contains data of the following types:


*      Contour lines (50 meters interval)

*      Toponyms

*      Roads

*      Railways

*      Rivers and creeks



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GPS compatibility


The vector map of Santiago requires around 23 MB of memory (internal or microSD/SD card) and can be installed into the following Garmin units:


*      eTrex 20-30

*      GPSMAP62 serie

*      Montana

*      Oregon

*      Dakota

*      Colorado

*      Edge 800, 705, 605

*      eTrex Summit HC

*      eTrex Venture Cx

*      eTrex Venture HC

*      eTrex Legend C

*      eTrex Legend Cx

*      eTrex Legend HCx

*      eTrex Vista C

*      eTrex Vista Cx

*      eTrex Vista HCx

*      GPS MAP60C

*      GPS MAP60CS

*      GPS MAP60Cx

*      GPS MAP60CSx

*      GPS MAP76C

*      GPS MAP76CS

*      GPS MAP76Cx

*      GPS MAP76CSx

*      Nuvi



The raster map of  Santiago  is composed of 7 tiles and is compatible with  the following Garmin units:


*      eTrex 20-30

*      GPSMAP62 (all the models)

*      Montana (all the models)

*      Oregon (all the models)

*      Dakota 10 e 20

*      Colorado (all the models)

*      Edge 800


You can install into the GPS only 1 map tile at a time.  If you want to install another tile, you need to remove the tile currently installed. If necessary, you can store each tile on a different SD card and substitute the card within the GPS according to your need. 



How to purchase Santiago de Compostela


You can purchase the Santiago Use License in five different ways:


1.   Item ACPG02A: vector map for compatible Garmin units (see above): €26,90

2.   Item ACPG02D: raster map for compatible Garmin units (see above)  (7 map tiles): €35,90

3.   Item ACPG02B: raster map for CompeGPS or OziExplorer (7 tiles): €29,90

4.   Item ACPG02C, bundle ACPG02A + ACPG02B: €49,90

5.   Item ACPG02E, bundle ACPG02D + ACPG02B: €59,90


Santiago de Compostela  Use License allows you to use the map on a single GPS unit and two PCs.

Use License can be purchased by PayPal. In phase of purchasing, you are requested to provide the ID of your GPS unit and/or the name of the GPS software you use. After purchasing, Santiago de Compostela  is delivered via download.