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GPS map for Garmin



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The Kilimanjaro map is the result of complex cartographic elaborations of public data, originally produced at a scale not suitable for GPS navigation. As a consequence, this map should be only used to get a rough idea on the surrounding territory.



Kilimanjaro coverage


The Kilimanjaro map covers a large area crossing Tanzania and Kenia for an extent of around 250 square kilometers, centered on Mt. Kilimanjaro.



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Kilimanjaro characteristics


Kilimanjaro contains data of the following types:


*      Contour lines (50 meters interval)

*      Lat-Long grid

*      Toponyms

*      Roads

*      Railways

*      Rivers and creeks

*      Main summits



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GPS compatibility


Kilimanjaro is compatible with the following GPS units:


*      eTrex 20-30

*      GPS MAP62 (all the models)

*      Montana (all the models)

*      Oregon (all the models)

*      Dakota (all the models)

*      Colorado (all the models)

*      Edge 800, 705, 605

*      eTrex Summit HC

*      eTrex Venture Cx

*      eTrex Venture HC

*      eTrex Legend C

*      eTrex Legend Cx

*      eTrex Legend HCx

*      eTrex Vista C

*      eTrex Vista Cx

*      eTrex Vista HCx

*      GPS MAP60C

*      GPS MAP60CS

*      GPS MAP60Cx

*      GPS MAP60CSx

*      GPS MAP76C

*      GPS MAP76CS

*      GPS MAP76Cx

*      GPS MAP76CSx

*      Nuvi



How to purchase Kilimanjaro


Kilimanjaro Use License price is 24,50 and allows you to use the map on a single GPS unit. Use License can be purchased by PayPal. In phase of purchasing, you are requested to provide the ID of your GPS unit. After purchasing, Kilimanjaro is delivered via download.